Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Instead of being here... you need to bust a move over to my new home on the web!

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

[ The Russell Family Christmas ] Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

OK, baby is asleep, I have a chocolate covered oreo and a glass of wine... Perfect! Time to blog a little. The photos I am sharing this post are from an impromptu indoor (boo) photo shoot for Christmas for the Russell family. It was pouring down rain, so my ideas - including to go out to a Christmas tree farm - were squashed. All is well... we had some fun in the tiny amount of space we had. Lily is so freaking cute and even cuter in her snowman suit. Check it. Check it.
Really, who has eyes this BEAUTIFUL!?
Don’t you just want to SMOOCH those CHEEKS! 
IMG_4122  IMG_4289
IMG_4307Mommy & Daughter…  Absolutely stunning with those EYES!! 
Lily is super playful.  Mike & Jess love to toss her around! Safety 1st of course…
Lily’s 3rd outfit!  So classic and girlie – love it.
Lily is famous for her SUPERMAN impersonation, or Superman pose, whatever you want to call it.  She LOVES being on her belly and putting her arms and legs up and out – like she is flying!  It’s so hilarious.  She even does jazz hands while she’s in the pose. My tummy hurts from laughing when she does it. over and over again.
So… we had to get Daddy and Mommy to do it with her!!!  Love this so freaking much. Lily’s serious about it, too.  HAHAHA
She loves her Daddy!  He’s FUN!
Maybe my favorite shot.  Sweetness from Mommy and Daddy looking at his girls with love.
I’ll get some Christmas shots of our little peanut up soon.  Keep coming back!
E-mail me if you are interested in a family lifestyle shoot.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Tree Photography | Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer

Hey there... Hope yinz are all ready for Christmas and not behind and stressed out like me!  I'm not sure why I am stressed - this is my last Christmas ever that I can get by easy.  Ada is too young to care & can't even open presents!  She's going to be happy no matter what and I am going to enjoy this once in my "Santahood".  The photo below is my "baby".  This took a lot of planning and care to produce!  It also took a lot of patience from Josh.  He goes along with most of my crazy ideas, God bless him.  I will cherish this forever!!!  

If you know anyone that recently found out they are pregnant, I'd love to re-create this for them in their own style!  Contact me.  A little secret: The 1st picture was not taken close to when I found out I was pregnant... I was 16 weeks already - so it may not be too late for someone you know!  

              The Best Pregnancy Photo Ever!  Just pregnant. Very pregnant. Not pregnant. ""

We got some pretty sweet new ornaments for the tree... so of course we take little portraits of them.

One of our engagement pictures on the wall behind the tree (photo by: Teresa Conway, Bella Maya Photography)

I have an obsession with moose & now owls.  This moose tree topper was originally a wooden stocking hanger, but it broke & the moose head fell right off.  I didn't throw it away because I knew it could either be glued back together or re-purposed somehow.  Josh came up with this idea this year!  Brilliant!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

{ Ada 6 weeks old } Pittsburgh baby photography

Little Miss Ada having her morning snooze on Mommy & Daddy's bed.  Maternity leave was the best 8 weeks of my life and it looked a lot like this each and every day.   I will always look back at these with the happiest heart. Enjoy!

I love this morning light

Biiiig stretch

Any picture you see with me in it...  Josh is behind the lens!  He's so good.

 Me & my little peanut!  God is so good. 

 These pictures are so flippin awesome. Our little girl has the craziest faces sometimes!  Love it!

Her Uncle Mike calls her "Kermie".  So, in my Kermit voice "Kermit the frog here!"

My favorite shot of Daddy and his little girl.  Can you see some resemblance? 

Just some extra cute ones I captured later that day.  She was in such a good mood!

Welp, I'm back to work now.  She's 9 weeks old now and I'll only get to spend these beautiful mornings with her on weekends and every other Friday.  Sad face.  It's okay though, we are not a sad story, we are a very happy one and so blessed beyond belief!!  
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